cassandra.timestamps - Timestamp Generation

class cassandra.timestamps.MonotonicTimestampGenerator(warn_on_drift=True, warning_threshold=0, warning_interval=0)[source]

An object that, when called, returns int(time.time() * 1e6) when possible, but, if the value returned by time.time doesn’t increase, drifts into the future and logs warnings. Exposed configuration attributes can be configured with arguments to __init__ or by changing attributes on an initialized object.

New in version 3.8.0.

warn_on_drift = True

If true, log warnings when timestamps drift into the future as allowed by warning_threshold and warning_interval.

warning_threshold = 1

This object will only issue warnings when the returned timestamp drifts more than warning_threshold seconds into the future. Defaults to 1 second.

warning_interval = 1

This object will only issue warnings every warning_interval seconds. Defaults to 1 second.

_next_timestamp(now, last)[source]

Returns the timestamp that should be used if now is the current time and last is the last timestamp returned by this object. Intended for internal and testing use only; to generate timestamps, call an instantiated MonotonicTimestampGenerator object.

  • now (int) – an integer to be used as the current time, typically representing the current time in microseconds since the UNIX epoch
  • last (int) – an integer representing the last timestamp returned by this object