package embedded

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  2. AnyRef
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Type Members

  1. trait Assertions extends AnyRef

    Simple helper assertions.

  2. trait EmbeddedCassandra extends AnyRef

    A utility trait for integration testing.

  3. final class EmbeddedKafka extends Embedded

  4. class EmbeddedZookeeper extends Embedded

    Implements a simple standalone ZooKeeperServer.

  5. class KafkaConsumer extends AnyRef

    The KafkaConsumer is a very simple consumer of a single Kafka topic.

  6. class KafkaProducer[K, V] extends AnyRef

    Simple producer using string encoder and default partitioner.

  7. abstract class KafkaProducerActor[K, V] extends Actor with ActorLogging

    Simple producer for an Akka Actor using string encoder and default partitioner.

  8. class KafkaTopicLogger extends Actor with ActorLogging

    Simple actor with a Kafka consumer to report the latest message count in a Kafka Topic.

  9. trait SparkRepl extends AnyRef

  10. trait SparkTemplate extends AnyRef

  11. implicit final class SparkTestDuration extends AnyVal

Value Members

  1. object CassandraRunner extends Serializable

  2. object EmbeddedCassandra

  3. object Event

  4. object KafkaEvent

  5. object KafkaProducer

  6. object SparkTemplate

  7. object UserDefinedProperty

  8. implicit val ZookeeperConnectionString: String

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